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A message from Director, Jamie Tate

As a data scientist for the majority of my career, I've had the privilege of witnessing the entire lifecycle of data, from ingestion to visualization. My passion for data and actionable insights stems from my background as a mathematics and statistics major at Oklahoma State University.

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            It's remarkable how the digital age has elevated the importance of data and insights, echoing the sentiment that we are drowning in data but starved for insight.

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Now, in the energy space, the key to unlocking the potential of data lies in digitization. My solution to this challenge revolves around harnessing the power of connected assets to optimize infrastructure and energy utilization. However, the abundance of data can be daunting for many, leading to a fear of how to effectively manage and leverage it.

In the energy industry, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment where traditional approaches to grid management are no longer sufficient. With smart grids and energy intelligence becoming ubiquitous, there's a pressing need for tools that can effectively harness the wealth of data available to us.


The journey towards leveraging data effectively is not without its challenges. The market for big data analytics in the utility industry remains modest, with few vendors possessing the necessary expertise and capabilities to address the complexities of energy data.

At enx, we pride ourselves on our domain expertise and our commitment to tackling the big challenges of big data. Our platform is designed to address the fundamental aspects of data analytics, from volume and variety to velocity and value.


Despite the complexities involved, our mission remains clear: to harmonize data and empower our partners to optimize their energy infrastructure. Whether it's utilities, commercial and industrial entities, military bases, tribes, airports, or schools, our focus remains on leveraging data to drive energy optimization and efficiency.

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