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A message from Chairman and CEO, Mark Hefner

As we navigate through the rapidly evolving landscape of the energy and utility sector, it's crucial that we prepare teams for the transformative changes ahead. The digital revolution is not just upon us; it's accelerating, reshaping how we operate, serve customers, and envision the future of our industry.

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            The first step in this journey is to ready the workforce for impending changes. The depth of knowledge required in this new digital era isn't something many companies currently possess.

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Mark Hefner

It's imperative that we begin the process of educating teams about the market's evolution, the opportunities it presents, and the strategies and solutions we might pursue in the future.

Moreover, it's essential to focus on senior teams, ensuring they're not merely chasing after the latest trends but are instead guided by a clear, cohesive vision of the future. This vision should outline goals for the next five years and the strategies employed to achieve them.

Lastly, preparing an organization’s board of directors to support significant, transformational changes is critical. This isn't about incremental adjustments; it's about major, foundational shifts in how organization’s operate. Without an organizations board backing, there is risk of stalling or, worse, regressing.

In addition to these internal preparations, we must also turn our attention to customers, particularly as we witness the rise of 'prosumers'—those who are not just consumers but also producers of energy. Understanding their needs and expectations is vital for informing strategic decisions and fostering partnerships that benefit all parties involved.

As we embark on this transformative journey, akin to climbing Mount Everest, remember that guidance, learning from best practices, and a step-by-step approach are essential for success. We're not alone in this climb; together, we can reach new heights and achieve a sustainable, efficient future for all.

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