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ENXCHANGE Announces Successful Completion of Innovative Capstone Project with Rice University Students

McKinney, Texas – enxchange (enx), a leading provider of energy management solutions, proudly announces the successful completion of its highly anticipated capstone project. The project, undertaken by a talented team of five students from Rice University including Natalie Burges, Robert Guerrieri, Stuart Bell, Bryan Farmer, and Rodrigo Maldonado. This marks a significant milestone in their academic journey and showcases their dedication, expertise, and innovation.

The capstone project demonstrates enx's commitment to fostering collaboration between academia and industry. It provided the students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge, skills, and creativity to address real-world challenges in the growing energy field. Under the guidance and mentorship of enxchange's experienced professionals, the students worked diligently to develop a groundbreaking solution. “On behalf of enxchange we appreciate the outstanding work of this group of talented individuals. Microgrids hold great promise for meeting the energy demands and adding value to grid resiliency. The team provided further validation and insights into Microgrid Capabilities.”  David Swank, CEO

The team of five recommend appropriate business models and targeted first move go-to-market strategy for enx’s microgrid as a service solution that include: 

  • Identify external macro factors that can influence enx’s

  • Complete a segmentation and prioritize the MUSH landscape.

  • Validate enx’s value proposition through feedback from primary sources in the value chain.

  • Assess competitive threats.

  • Outline business models to be deployed by market segment and partnerships required.

  • Present expected revenue pool for target market segment.

Collaborative Effort: The project required seamless teamwork, effective communication, and interdisciplinary collaboration. The students demonstrated exceptional teamwork skills, combining their diverse backgrounds to create a comprehensive and robust solution.

Industry Relevance: The capstone project's outcomes hold great relevance for promoting new technologies in the energy sector. The solution addresses a pressing need or provides a competitive advantage, promising significant benefits to industry stakeholders.

The successful completion of the capstone project not only represents the culmination of the students' academic journey but also exemplifies enxchange's commitment to nurturing the next generation of energy management professionals. The experience gained throughout the project has equipped the students with invaluable skills and practical knowledge that will propel them towards successful careers in their respective fields.

Enxchange extends its heartfelt congratulations to the students for their exceptional work and dedication. Their efforts have exemplified the spirit of innovation and problem-solving that enxchange values and continues to foster within its own organization.

To learn more about the capstone project or to explore potential collaboration opportunities with enxchange, please contact Director of Marketing, Sandi Coughlin, at


enxchange, (enx), headquartered in McKinney, TX., is a team of engineers, data scientists, energy experts, and innovators with over 100 years of experience in the energy sector. This team understands structure utilization, load design, the true cost of a megawatt, and the factors that cause inefficiencies in energy management systems. 

The enx innovative, patent-pending energy platform allows clients of all sizes and sectors to take advantage of a highly digitized and dynamic energy environment of multidirectional networks which support two-way energy flows. enxchange is executing an aggressive digitalization energy strategy in partnership with SUS to create a secure, predictable, data-informed future for Fort Liberty, its customers, and communities.


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