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The enxchange team was featured in the Microsoft Booth at Distributech 2023 with other partners and leaders to discuss grid modernization, cybersecurity, and energy management. Distributech is the leading annual transmission and distribution event for utilities, technology providers, and industry leaders.

Microsoft Azure helps energy companies meet rising demand for safe and reliable sources of energy with built-in security and the industry’s most comprehensive compliance portfolio. 

The enxchange platform modulates & monetizes energy, on both sides of the meter, even in complex and proprietary environments.

Darryl Willis, Corporate Vice President, Energy & Resources Industry at Microsoft stated “I’m encouraged to see the commitment to the energy transition evolving from setting goals and ambitions to actions and execution, with collaboration across public and private sectors and all industries. In this month’s Energy & Resources Blog, our Worldwide Power & Utilities Leader, Hanna Grene, highlights broad innovation underway including enabling the modern digital grid, leveraging large language models (LLM), accelerating enterprise innovation, cleaner disaster response, and the many partnerships that make it all possible.”

Galyn Black of enxchange attended the conference and shared, how the enxchange platform provides automation for energy asset optimization. “Automation is an outcome of predictable insights. To increase automation, we must first be able to see, to know ourselves. That awareness involves a myriad of sources, at scale, and speed, and only the correct technology can overcome what has left many feeling overwhelmed. So when we talk about the orchestration of EV charging (not to mention bidirectional charging), or transactive energy sources like solar, battery, various generation types, or energy and asset management, in building management systems for example, and the associated large equipment like HVAC and pumps, occupancy, HR, financials, or security and safety systems, occupancy and resiliency systems, in concert with, the availability of external data sets like weather data, supply chain, logistics, inventory, etc, we begin to see the true scale of what it means to have a single 360-degree energy view of the types of optimization that is now possible. Now add orchestration on both sides of the meter. That is a reality with the enxchange platform.


  • Energy Monitoring and Analysis: real-time information about energy usage, allowing users to track their energy consumption and identify opportunities for energy savings. This data can be used to analyze energy usage patterns and identify trends and anomalies.

  • Energy Conservation and Optimization: conserve energy by identifying opportunities to reduce energy usage, such as turning off lights and appliances when not in use. They can also optimize energy usage by scheduling energy-intensive tasks during off-peak hours when energy rates are lower.

  • Reporting and Analytics: detailed reports and analytics that help users understand their energy usage and identify areas for improvement. These reports can be used to track energy savings over time and provide data for sustainability reporting.


  • Cost Savings: save money on energy costs by identifying opportunities for energy conservation and optimization. By reducing energy usage, users can lower their energy bills and improve their bottom line.

  • Environmental Sustainability: help reduce carbon emissions and promote environmental sustainability by encouraging energy conservation and the use of renewable energy sources.

  • Operational Efficiency: optimize energy usage, which can lead to improved operational efficiency and productivity.

Keep an eye out for updates from the enxchange Team, along with our strategic partners and customers, as we collaborate to drive a sustainable future through energy innovation.


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