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Optimized Energy from Generation to Toaster

Wht is a VPP
What is a VPP

What is a


What is a Microgrid

What is a Microgrid?

What is a DERM

What is a DERM?

The enx ei360 Platform is engineered to enable the future of complex energy management through IoT, multi-vendor data aggregation, AI, control schemes and visualization.


Energy Platform 1

Aggregation and integration of all data (asset, load, C&I, infrastructure, operational and more) via Internet of Things (IoT)/beyond-the-meter technology to create usable digital profiles.

Data mapping through a convergent architecture which accelerates and relates all data points across your ecosystem.

Energy Platform 2
Energy Platform 3

Control schemes built within the Nodal DB create data harmonization and interoperability across your network.

Energy Platform 4

New data visualization gives you deeper insights and control of your ecosystem, enables better decision making and allows for monetization of assets and energy.

Harnessing the Future: Key Trends and Insights into the Evolving Landscape of Energy Management



The global VPP market is experiencing significant growth, with an estimated value of USD 1.9 billion in 2024, projected to reach USD 5.5 billion



The global microgrid market value is forecast to grow from approximately USD 30 billion in 2022 to over USD 60.5 billion by 2027



By 2023, the market size reached USD 815.31 million and is projected to grow to USD 1402.58 million by 2031


90% of the data collected on electrical grids has been collected in only the last 5 years, and 80% of that data is totally unstructured. That means that less than 4% of the data utilities collect is actually being used.

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