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ei360 energy intelligence, 360-degree view.

Moving away from costly, isolated systems to new levels of value, offering enhanced visibility, deeper insights, measurable outcomes, and dynamic asset data.


Diverse integrations in the ei360 energy platform deliver comprehensive energy intelligence, providing powerful solutions across multiple industries.


The ei360 platform is transforming the energy landscape.

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Neo4j stands out as the premier graph architecture and platform, renowned for its ability to store and manage data in its most natural, connected state. By preserving data relationships, Neo4j facilitates lightning-fast queries and provides deeper context for analytics, empowering users to derive valuable insights from their data with unprecedented speed and precision.

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Activu revolutionizes the monitoring of critical operations by making information visible, collaborative, and proactive. It empowers customers to see, share, and respond to events in real-time, providing valuable context that enhances incident response, decision-making, and management.

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The enx Intelligent Marketplace integration is designed to address supply chain disruptions and challenges faced by enterprises, particularly in the utility and construction industries. These challenges include inventory shortfalls, longer lead times, lack of visibility, poor communication with vendors, and increased labor issues.

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