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Galyn Black

Chief Energy Solutions Officer

Galyn is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in energy management spanning over two decades. His diverse experience encompasses various high-profile roles, with notable contributions to major projects totaling $2 billion in value.

Beginning his career at DFW International Airport, Galyn honed his expertise in energy management, establishing a strong foundation for his subsequent endeavors. His tenure at Chesapeake Energy marked a pivotal period where he played a pivotal role in driving the company's success. As a key player in land acquisition, project development, and operations, Galyn spearheaded initiatives crucial to the company's expansion, notably overseeing the Barnett expansion to 46 rigs. His strategic insights and operational prowess significantly impacted Chesapeake Energy's growth trajectory.

Transitioning to American Energy Partners – Woodford, Galyn continued to excel, assuming leadership roles in directing upstream facilities and midstream infrastructure. His astute management played a pivotal role in facilitating the company's transition to the Anadarko Basin, a testament to his ability to navigate complex industry landscapes and drive organizational growth.

Galyn's expertise extends beyond operational management to include consulting for A&D (acquisition and divestiture) initiatives, with a particular focus on the midstream water market. His wealth of industry knowledge and hands-on experience positions him as a trusted advisor, offering invaluable insights to clients navigating the dynamic energy sector. Whether it's optimizing operational efficiency, identifying strategic opportunities, or mitigating risks, Galyn's multifaceted skill set and track record of success make him a sought-after resource in the energy industry.

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