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Jennifer Goss Portrait

Jennifer Goss

Executive Vice President

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Jennifer Goss brings over sixteen years of executive leadership experience in finance, energy, and software sectors to her new role as Executive Vice President at enxchange. With a proven track record in driving strategic initiatives within the energy sector, Jennifer's addition to the executive team marks a significant step forward in enxchange's mission to lead the market in energy solutions.

As Executive VP, Jennifer will spearhead the integration of digital strategy with operational excellence, ensuring alignment with enxchange’s overarching goals. Her responsibilities include overseeing the integration of the newly patented energy platform to deliver cutting-edge solutions in a digital data-driven world. Jennifer will work closely with enx clients to address critical energy transformation needs, such as Integrated Distribution Resource Planning (IDRP), Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMs), and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs).

David Swank, enxchange’s CEO, expresses his excitement about Jennifer's appointment, highlighting her extensive background in the utility and technology industry. He anticipates that Jennifer's expertise will enhance enxchange across multiple fronts, benefiting both utilities and the customers they serve.

Jennifer's strategic accomplishments, service on Touchstone Energy Board of Directors and industry councils, and involvement with the Electricity Sub-sector Coordinating Council (ESCC) further validate her qualifications for driving enxchange's growth and capabilities in the market.

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