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RB Sloan Portrait
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RB Sloan

Energy Consultant

R.B. Sloan has a distinguished career in the energy sector, spanning various leadership roles that have significantly contributed to the industry's evolution. R.B. serves as an Energy Consultant at enxchange, focusing on leveraging technology to optimize energy use and promote sustainability. His role places him at the cutting edge of energy management, where he works to create dynamic, actionable, and intuitive solutions for clients.

Before his current position, Sloan held the title of CEO at Pedernales Electric Cooperative in Johnson City, Texas. His leadership was pivotal during a period marked by challenges. Sloan's tenure at Pedernales was characterized by a commitment to steering the cooperative towards stability, growth, and a focus on cleaner energy and efficient service delivery.

Additionally, Sloan's professional journey includes serving as the Director of Utilities in Danville, Virginia, and managing the city-owned electric company for Vero Beach, Florida. These roles underscore his extensive experience and recognized contributions to the utility industry.

Sloan's expertise also extends to the realm of cooperative software and technology development. He was involved with Meridian Cooperative, where he played a crucial role in creating and announcing a new information systems business model. This involvement highlights his commitment to innovation and the transformation of the utility customer experience. Sloan served as President and CEO of Meridian Cooperative until May 16, 2022. During his time at Meridian, he played a crucial role in guiding the cooperative through a rapidly changing utility landscape. His retirement from Meridian marked not only the end of a significant chapter in his career but also the beginning of a new journey as a consultant for the industry and community he loves.

Throughout his career, Sloan has been recognized for his leadership and innovative approach to energy management and utility services. His work has not only contributed to the operational success of the organizations he has led but also to the broader goal of advancing sustainable energy solutions.

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